Since our Mother monster Lady gaga, killed every dress in the room by appearing in a dress made of meat, the trend was set for a meat-evolution.
From a simple bag made of sausage meat to a necklace made from a slice of beef, meat is seems to be the new black, but what does this new trend mean for us fashion junks?

Well according to a lot of web shops, that are recently selling a lot of based-on-meat items, it means a new kind of fashion.(Well not the real deal but the plastic fabrications made to look just like meat, but without the smell of meat or the rotting.)So start wearing your beautiful meat- necklace tot the mall or go out on a date with your favorite beef armlet!

But if that’s a bit too much for you, a nice I love meat shirt or bag is just the thing for you, on this site you find a very simple I love meat bag that you can personalise to finish you travel or shopping outfit.
The accessories line based on meat by onch (from his site is the place to be if you want something different from the rest.
If you want to make a meat inspired accessories by yourself I recommend sticking to plastic. That way you can enjoy your creations longer and people will not avoid you.

So start the meat-evolution.