If you are someone looking for a new gadget that’s cool and fun and fashionable, take a look at the tablet’s and especially to the Ipad. With his app’s (unfortunately you have to buy in the app store) it’s a nice mix between a iphone and an imac. I’m not that of an expert so Check out the review here.
But tablet’s seems to be the new it thing. All kinds of sites are making apps for the ipad,

(like H&M) you would almost forget that the new tablet’s are so much more than just a touch screen for internet, you can read e-books on them, write articles, play games, and listen to music and all kinds of stuff. So it’s a very nice present to give yourself or someone else this fall.

And if an Ipad is a bit too expensive for your taste, you can always take a look at these alternative’s like the samsung galaxy tab and his review here. or the Dell streak and the review right here.