Kanye West has made a new music video called Runaway.
What makes this video interesting is the fact that the video has a duration of 35 minutes! It’s not one single but a collection of different songs and tracks made by Kanye West. The video is about Kanye who is driving in his vintage car in the forest when a giant fire ball falls on earth with in it a bird-woman that is experiencing the life on earth while slowly Kanye and the beautiful bird girl fall in love. At the end they separate because she has to turn in to stone to go back to her own world.
Angel from Kanye West's Runaway music video
My opinion:
I really liked the artistic feel of the video. I think Kanye wants to get back on top with this video and wants to let people see that he is this creative talented artist that he used to be.You can’t compare it to a lady gaga music video, but I do think that Kanye tries to be a little lady gaga himself. With this video Kanye puts himself in the list of artistic male artists like Adem Lambert and Wil.i.am.But I think the video is a bit too long to stay interesting. I don’t think that a avarge person has the time to watch a 35 minutes during music video and I don’t think that MTV will play the entire music video a lot ass well. The video as well is a bit dissapointing. It’s odd but boring at the same time, the story line for instance is a bit predictable and not that original, the scene changes are also quite predictable and not that interesting to watch as a viewer. The styling was alright. I do love the clothes that Kanye West wears and the bird-lady but the overall thing is just a little bit boring and plain.

But what do you think? Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

Some pictures from the video:
Phoenix from Kanye West's Runaway music video

Kanye West and his sexy, nearly nude angel from the Runaway music videoKanye West from the Runaway music video