Well it’s getting colder. A blazer isn’t giving you the warmth you need. So it is time for winter jackets again. To be honest jackets aren’t the most exiting element in your wardrobe. But don’t get fooled!To begin with the styles that are in stores right now you could easily go to the mall, get advised in an store or search online, but I already did the work for you. 
 The difference between your ordinary plane Jane winter  look and a polished winter look is the jacket you are wearing. To know what kind of jacket soothes you. It’s recommendable  to first know what kind of style jackets there are in stores right now, which one soothes your wardrobe and has the price of course. 

This winter the trends for jackets are quite diverse, so I am only discussing 5 trends .
from Fillipa Ka
To begin with you have the classic simple ‘Burberry’ ,like jackets. This kind of jackets are very sophisticated and if kept in good condition will last 3  because of the timeless design.
From Micheal Kors
The fur jackets that are really hot right now. The jackets make you look expensive womanly and they are so warm!
From Nickelson
You also have the ‘Nickelson like’ shiny jackets with fur. This jacket is very popular on ski trips.

large product image


The leather jackets, also an investment for your wardrobe.

From Asos
And last but not least parka’s. This trend is my favorite because it’s apply able in all sorts of  jackets. The jackets contain a tunnel which allows you to make it bigger or smaller in the waist, making you have a smaller silhouette.

To get inspired here are some cool winter jackets.
Diane von Furstenberg Emma Cook 
From http://www.net-a-porter.com/

From http://www.asos.com/

Here are some extra jackets I couldn’t place because they resemble the ones I did put in this article but are really wort visiting.