Madonna and mia during their Super Bowl Performance
I have missed music on my blog! I haven’t done a post about music in a while. So I think it is time again to give you some of my favorite artists at the moment. This time it’s all about the letter M. As one old Pop-Star once said: Music makes the people come together, so enjoy! Which artist is your favorite?

This artist, painter, director and hit machine is really one of my favorite artists at the moment. She makes her music be more than just a tree minute noise. Her unique vocal sound and use electronic tunes is what makes M.I.A stand out from the crowd and even land her the 75 place in the Esquire magazine’s most influential people List. She has a new song out called Bad Girls. The Video she shot for the song is really amazing! So go check it out below!


She is back again. The legendary Pop Icon, author, designer and divorced mother is treating us (after 4 years without releasing albums) with some new catchy Madonna songs and I have to say after 12 studio albums “The Queen of Pop” still sounds great. MDNA is an album that can’t do much wrong. It’s not that great, but Madonna proves once again that she can still make music people want to buy. My favorite song on the album is Girls gone wild so far. It’s catchy and has a nice vibe.

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