Last week I went to the 2h 26min – the exposition of a selection of graduation students at ABKMaastricht. It was part of the salon1 events.

‘SALON/ aspires to stimulate the interaction between designer, public and space, also outside Amsterdam. Last June SALON/ was in Maastricht at the invitation of Marres and NAiM/Bureau Europa to continue the dialogue between the creative disciplines. At SALON/Maastricht both young and upcoming talents and established designers and artists from Amsterdam and Maastricht presented their work on various locations throughout the city.

2h 26min started with the premise that physical distance between Maastricht-Amsterdam of 2 hours and 26 minutes by train should not necessarily imply remoteness.’
quotes from:
(Something I really agree with since I live not too far from Maastricht and study in Amsterdam.)

Really loved the exposition and I really fell in love with an jacket made of hair! It really appealed to me a lot because in high school I also made a house and a umbrella from extensions. (Crazy huh!?) So let me know do you visit expositions? Do you make art yourself?