Don’t know why, but as I mentioned yesterday, these glasses really remind me of the terminator. Some friends even used the words “fancy goggles” as a way to describe the sunnies. But I can’t help it being attracted to lots of blacks, odd items and leather recently (yes yes a new inspiration post is in the making!) This isn’t a result of me losing my color or turning in to a terminator clone, but me wanting to invest in more long-term and statement items. Those items that will stand the test of time and the very fast changing fashion trends. Just like the Terminator films and to end in the terminators famous words; I’ll be back!

Jacket Vögle (similar one here) // H&M Leopard Print Shirt // H&M Black skinnies
 (similar one here)  // High Top Vans // Froufrous Terminator Glasses  
(similar one here)