Yesterday on Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) opening night, Jacob Kok winner of the Dutch version of Project Catwalk 2011, showed his latest collection to the gathered press, bloggers and fashion lovers.
The collection PARADISE is according to Jacob a continues of his research into the meaning of fashion in the virtual world.

As he expressed: “We are a large part of the day in a virtual domain. I’m interested in the way we present ourselves online through our alter egos. I find it very exciting to work with The Sims to find a balance between a physical and virtual collection.”

The collection was very bold and refreshing next to the quite dark collections we have been seen lately.
The way the garments were presented was also a new kind of approach. Instead of sending models on to the runway wearing his (sadly) small collection, the exciting designer teamed up with the makers of the virtual game Sims to make a fashion film featuring a real and a virtual model wearing his designs.

Funny detail, if you have Sims you can download Jacobs collection and fit them on your own Sims characters.
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