As a big supporter of upcoming artists, I enjoy sharing new artists with you guys. 
This time I present you Velvvet, a Dutch band consisting of 4 friends that share the same passion and dedication to music. Influenced by British Bands such as The Sunshine Underground, Two Door Cinema Club and Editors, the band is most likely to appeal to the mass.

With their down to earth vocals and bright melodies, the band describes itself as musicians with a “Nothing more, nothing less” mentality. All this features are heard back in their new single ‘Like You’. With a new EP, single and Music Video,  Velvvet is now ready to introduce itself to the world.

Want to see the boys life in action? They are performing at Paradiso Amsterdam at the Official launch of their first EP called BRIGHT EP.

Offical EP release BRIGHT EP.

The 4th of May at Paradiso Amsterdam.

You can fiend ticket information here.