Song credits to Tessa B.
In December STYLIGHT had some cool competitions running and one of them was to make a new years board and I won! The price I won was a €500,- Voucher to spend on I still can’t believe it!
Since I had no clue how to spend the money a friend advised me to make a shopping plan before receiving the voucher. This tip came in very handy and it’s something I think everyone should apply while shopping. This will make you think about what you really need, where to fiend it and it will reduce the chance of you buying too much or buying useless things.
I also decided that it would be the best for me to stick to one particular style. I have been visiting a lot of street style blogs lately and I got really inspired by them to wear some more urban/street-wear. That’s why most of the items I picked have a more urban feel to them.

What I really needed at the moment were trousers and a new school bag, so I decided to search for those first. I also ordered some pieces from Zalando’s own collection. I was pretty surprised to see how much cool items they had in their own line. That’s why I decided to ordered these two shirts to check the quality and I must say it’s pretty good. Especially the 2 toned shirt has a nice fit and is made from a nice thick(er) cotton fabric .So what do you guys think? Did I do a good job?As some of you