Photo’s By Rosemary Veldhoen
couple of days ago we finally did it! We finished the CurioStories
concept. As you guys know I am part of the by AMFI Statement Store
team. Together with other enthusiastic students and teachers we
created this new concept.
Concept Text:
Our hunger for inspiration causes us to fill the by AMFI store with infinite riches; a collection of meaningful objects, snapshots of people’s lives, eccentricities and joyful experiences. Art is mixed with science, old with new, man-made with natural.
The store concept is all about meaningful objects mixed with curiosity. I love how we started out with just an idea and a pile of collected objects that where meaningful for not only me, the team but also for teachers and alumni of AMFI. I never thought all those pieces would fit together and work together. I am very glad we managed to give every piece a place it deserved, making this one of the most exiting concept to work on. 

By AMFI displays a contemporary cabinet of curiosities that is full of remarkable objects we borrowed from dear friends and colleagues. You can purchase items of designers still undiscovered and get inspired by the extraordinary work of Cora Verhoog, Ineke Vijn, Toon Agterberg and Idiots.

By AMFI is the statement Store of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. It offers a platform to showcase the beautiful work that is made by students, teachers and alumni.

by AMFI | Spui 23 | 1012 WX Amsterdam | +31 (0)20 525 8133 |