As someone who is hungry
for new exiting brands to write about, the discovery of DRYKORN felt
like having eggs with bacon for brunch after a serious hang-over.
The Germany based clothing brand was founded in 1996 and can be
described as a mix between Phillipa K and 55DSL. The brand describes itself
as one that attracts self-confident and independent individualists.

With good quality fabrics, mainly ordered in Italy and France and personal customer service, DRYKORN seems to be the brand for the successful metropolitan.
“Regarding the DRYKORN men collection hot tempered summer vibes are transferred into vibrant looks. The men style is slim and dressed. It combines patterns with exciting combinations between color and fabric. This liaison of contrastive elements defines the key moment of the men collection- strong denim meets soft nappa leather, sparkling Lurex inspires edgeless suede, blatant tones are mixing up with tender pastels and strict shapes are catching expressive designs.”
Can’t get enough, here is a Behind the Scene’s video from their SS 2013 campaign.