Let’s talk ice-cream. A couple of days ago
I visited the glamorous launch of the MAGNUM Pleasure Store, located on the
Rembrandplein in Amsterdam.
After successfully opening the brand store
in cities as London, Paris en Milan, now Amsterdam gets the chance to design its
own MAGNUMs for 12 short weeks.
The festive decorated store was filled with Dutch celebs, press and ice-cream lovers who all wanted to be the first to design their own custom made MAGNUM.
more than 20 special toppings, ranging from rose petals, cocoa and chili powder
to gojiberries and spiced biscuits, creating your own delicious Magnum at first
sounds as though as choosing the right outfit for a job interview at Vogue but
at the end proofed to be surprisingly easy and tasty.
Although designing and eating your own custom
made magnum from the Pleasure store won’t magically transform you in former Magnum faces Eva Langoria or Josh Holloway, it is a must visit for all ice-cream lover
who want to satisfy their deepest ice-cream cravings.