Photo by Tessa Bosma

Wearing: Jack and Jones Tokyo T-Shirt in army print | Weekday Jacket and shorts | River Island Black hat 
As the title correctly suggests. This post will be dedicated to a city I have been wanting to visit for a while now. With a friend regularly visiting this city of extremes and no fashion limits, it seems that this exiting city is only a breath away. If it was not for a 12 hours plane ride which separates me from this Asian cosmopolitan. 
So when I spotted this yellow Tokyo print shirt at Jack and Jones with the Tokyo print on it, I ordered it right away. I also like to combine this shirt with a bleach print trouser from Pierre Cardin, but for this occasion I paired the shirt with my black sporty jacket and short from Weekday. I really love my jacket a lot but sadly it’s a summer jacket and with winter coming up I have to be on the lookout for Winter-coats (Winterjassen in dutch).  
Although I by now am slowly but gradually beginning to say goodbye to summer and my plans to catch a last minute plane to Tokyo for now have to proposed, the dream to once visit this city won’t die.