It’s time to start off a fresh week with just a little more attention to the often forgotten, however very important
details.  This time my eye fell on something most of us don’t pay much attention to while dressing up, yep I’m talking about socks.  Every laundry sock go missing. So if you’re like me and after every laundry, sock in a magical way go missing, you probably understand how frustrating this can be. especially when dressing in a hurry.  When looking into some new brand I came across sock brand Jarvis Persuit, who has the perfect solution for this problem.

The Amsterdam based brand sells socks which you can order online per piece. A superb solution for all of us who can’t deal with the mass loss of socks.  Why throw away a sock for a new pair if you can also replace the missing sock and by doing that help the environment too by reducing the amount of waist.

But why settle for the safe choice, when you can apply the concept of single sock purchases to the far more exiting concept of ‘mix and match.  Allowing you to mix and match colors and prints as much as possible per pair. The amount of sock combo’s as you can make are endless, each matched perfect to your outfit. I my opinion a great way to spice up your look, as style is all in the details.

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