Photo’s | Tessa Bosma
Obviously I couldn’t resist shooting an outfit post for you guys while staying in Berlin. Whilst walking trough the streets of charming Berlin, we were surprised to find this seemly cool building which happened to be the Nike flagship store. When inside I couldn’t stop staring at the rough concrete walls that were the surroundings of the store. Somehow this was the image I have always pictured Berlin Stores would look like. That’s why this white industrial looking building was the perfect place to shoot my latest outfit. Inspired on the minimal, both the store and my outfit are all about celebrating the minimal, but not forgetting to add those elements which make something stand out from the crowd. For me for example I couldn’t do this trip without my (by some referred as welders goggles ) Black sunglasses. They truly change up my whole look, making people wonder who’s underneath all that black.  What are you’re favourite stand out pieces?

Black Jacket from WEEKDAY | Vintage Black Sunnies | Graphic Black and White Shirt from H&M | Oversized Short from MTWTFSS | White sneakers from Meyba