It’s time to continue our fashion basics series. This time we are highlighting Swimming Shorts. Although many people won’t consider this garment a piece of apparel belonging in your fashion wardrobe, many seasons have proven the exact opposite can be said about this versatile garment.

Image to the left: Photography: Me | Dillan is wearing: Sneakers from Nike (find similar ones here‘, Socks and Black short from Nike, White shirt and Black Jacket unknown. To the right: DSQUARED Swimming Trunks in Black, Dark Blue and Orange, All from

When thinking about which shorts to feature I
immediately thought about the Iconic DSQUARED Swimming Shorts. Even tough
swimming shorts from brands such as Adidas and Nike wouldn’t be misplaced either,
the always cheerful colored shorts from DSQUARED managed to make a
long lasting impression on me.
I just
love how the swimwear fabrics, or sports fabric in general have this nice
shimmer, which can just give your look that needed extra something which will instantly
transforms your entire look.

tough rocking a pair of swim shorts normally is as easy as picking a pair of shorts,
you do need to pay a little more attention when choosing swimming shorts to
wear outside of the pool. Make sure to choose shorts from a good, not to synthetical
plastic like, quality as you don’t want to slip right off a chair or spend all day
sweating in them. Other than that your ready to enjoy your versatile shorts in
and out of the pool.