The skyline can be seen as the icon of a city, the embodying of many hopes and dreams. Of everyone who has ever thought about making it in the big city, where the pointy sky scrapers are reaching for the stars and dreams come true. While the buildings end up kissing the clouds and many dreams won’t last longer than a couple of years, the city and it’s skyline hold something enchanting and hopeful. A bitter sweet combination never found anywhere else.

Inspired by the song Sirens of the Caspian by SEVDALIZA, I tried the capture my idea of hope you have when you first move to the city. Filled with ideas and dreams. Somehow you’re in love with the city even though your anxious for its unpredictable and hard character . The perfect song to describe the mood I wanted to capture. The drop
halfway the song for me is like jumping into something blind, like the start of
the song when a man jumps from a flat building to find himself captured in a
serene unknown moment. Regardless the fall and it’s outcome and regardless your
destiny there is always hope and opportunity in the beautiful city skyline.Photography: ME | Model: Joris | Joris is Wearing the New York Skyline Sweater from  Franklin & Marshall FW 2014 Collection. In Stores soon.