With Milkshake festival only a couple of nights ahead of us I got the chance to interview Jeff van Hoek, who we all better know by his stage name Jeff Solo.  The Rotterdam bases young creative who will be performing at the 3rd edition of Milkshake festival let me pick his brain and ask him all about his musical inspiration, the connection to the festival and his love for Rotterdam.
Let’s start with your big love, music. Every creative has a different way of working, when making music, what do you usually start with?
Jeff: Drums, bassline, sample. Mostly in that order, or the other way around.
What do you keep in mind when making music, who or/and what is your inspiration?
Jeff: It really depends in what kind of mood I am. Sometimes you just go in blank, and really try to translate what’s on your mind. Sometimes you have crowd/club in mind, and think of how people will react
to certain things.
How and in what way does Rotterdam influence your
Jeff: It really does influence me & my music because I live here. I’m in contact with the city and it’s people every day of the week. Coming to Rotterdam as a teenager and going to clubs on a young age really inspired me to DJ & also affected my taste in music.
While we only know Jeff as a musican, the young creative also manges to successfully work as a consultant and coordinator for fashion- and hair shows and several corporate events for brands such as G-Star, Jameson, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Bread and Butter Berlin, Converse and Diesel just to name a few.
How do you manage to distinguish yourself from other DJ’s in this mass growing field?
Jeff:That’s a tough one…. But I think my strength lays in being quite all-round. I have really wide taste in music. If i get the chance I try to play loads different genres in a set!
Photo Credit: www.werkenbijdeloitte.nl
‘Never afraid to innovate behind the decks, Jeff
excels at surprising the dancefloor with an extensive selection of tunes from
various genres (House, Disco, Pop, Rock, Wave, Hip-Hop), seamlessly blending
them together with a sharp ear and vision.’
 As his management explains.
Let’s get back to the festival. As many, I sadly am
also amongst them, struggle with finding the perfect Festival outfit I thought
you could help us out,  What are your
golden rules for dressing up for a festival?
Jeff:Anything goes actually, really, just wear what makes you feel good. Only thing that comes to mind, but that’s a personal thing: It has to be comfortable! Why punish yourself with something that bothers you all day?!
What actually is your connection to Milkshake
Jeff:I’m resident DJ of Superbimbo. Also Ted Langenbach & Pietra Ligua are good friends of mine and I’ve worked with them on Now&Wow Fest. I’ve also played multiple times for Supertoys. Now&Wow, Supertoys, Milkshake Festival, they all go hand in hand!
Milkshake uses the slogan  ‘For All Who Love’, who or what is your
biggest love besides music?
Jeff:Another tough one! Can’t really choose, there’s really so much.. I’d have to say Football or food!
Jeff Solo will be performing at the SUPERBIMBO by NowWow stage during the 2014 edition of MILKSHAKE Festival.
More information about Jeff Solo: http://jeff-solo.com/jeffsolo.html
More information about Milkshake Festival: http://www.milkshakefestival.nl/