I am so excited to be publishing this article on my new and improved
website! I have had my old layout for almost 2 years already and I felt the
urging need to change the layout as it in my opinion felt outdated. That’s why
I started building and designing this new web design a few weeks ago.  As some of you might have noticed my website
was under constructions for some weeks now.
Some of you even accidentally saw some trial layouts. My apologies for
that, but I didn’t want to shut down the blog for such a long time. Luckily the
new and improved MDFS layout is online and ready for the world to embrace it.
There are a few exiting changes that will come alongside the new layout.
Of course the core of the blog will stay around my big love fashion and
I will try to inspire you guys with familiar articles such as show reviews,street style shots and outfit posts, but I will also be sharing and shooting some
more editorials and share some more interesting menswear lookbooks.
Besides these additions to the fashion side of my blog I will be posting
more lifestyle related content once in a while. You can expect to find more lifestyle related articles such as:
I am very excited to hear the feedback from you guys on these articles.
If you have any question and/or ideas you’re always welcome to leave a
comment or to message me via the contact
on the bottom of the site.
I want to thank you guys for reading and supporting my blog throughout
all the changes it has had and I can’t wait to get started with the next
chapter of MDFS!