Let’s go for gold this season. With dark colors being
the dominant factor in fashion this winter, it can never be a bad idea to bring
in the tough of luxury early this year by adding some gold they must have
thought at G-Shock. As they are launching an entire line inspired by gold. With
their gold line, containing models based on the old GA-100, GA-110, GA-200 and GA-300 models of G-Shock, the goal of this new line seems to be to let you stand-out from the crowd and provide a quite present tough of luxury to
your wrist.
I must admit, even tough I have never made it a bit secret, I do love me some gold once in a while. Especially gold jewelry. Yes I know,the danger of me looking like BA from the A-Team is one not to ignore, but I do think the right touch of gold will instantly spice up your look and warm up your look. The line contains six different models in three exiting gold tones, ranging from deep gold to metallic rose gold. Meaning that there is enough gold to choose from for you. 
The G-Shock Gold Series Watches are in stores now. 
For more information: www.g-shock.com