A while ago I was invited by
Grand Marnier to attend their exclusive Cuvee Tasting. As one that has very
much enjoyed his first wine tasting merely a short year ago, quite some excitement
was constructed for my very first Cognac and Liqueur tasting. The tasting was held in a Art
Deco style mansion in the middle of e city center of my beloved Amsterdam.
Between antique wood work, a one of a kind wing piano and the gathered press, I
found myself a place next to an imposing table filled with Europe’s finest
Unfortunately by a lack of hours in a day and terrible public transport -we won’t be discussing this in further details as I am still working on a solution for this-  I ended up missing the beginning  of the tasting but quickly catched up, just in time to for that evenings next bottle; the Cuvée du Centenaire. A liqueur which was developed by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle to celebrate the 100th birthday of the House, as I was told. 
The interesting part about this drink is that he mixed two old cognacs with the natural aroma of Orange which added a fresh and fruity taste to the normally woody liqueur.
After a couple of other tasty cognacs we ended the fun night with the Grand Marnier Quintessence, which not only tastes like a liquid sip out of liquor heaven, but made time stop as I didn’t even realize my glass was already empty when I opened my eyes again after my Halelujah moment.
As I was already on my way to order a truck full of this heavenly beverage, reality –my bank account- kicked in and put this thought on hold, as this 2011 released liqueur has a price tag of nothing less than 700 euros. For that money you will poses a liqueur consisting of a mixture of different, aged cognacs –some which are as old as 100 years- and  a real collector’s item which will make you feel like Don Draper from Mad Man with every sip you take. A perfect birthday/housewarming/marriage/Christmas gift for that person that has it all.  

 Photo credits: Lieor van Os

 For more information about the Grand Marnier liquors you can visit their website here: grand-marnier.com