Who isn’t familiar with Rolex. The Swiss Watch giant -famous for their handmade jewels- is one many business man and celebrities know to appreciate and own. The Mens Rolex Watches (not to exclude the female versions, but in this case male versions have become the embodiment of the brand) have become equal to success 

With the release of ‘The Rolex Way’, the Swiss manufacturer has reignited the desires of many males and females around the world to own a precious Rolex by showing them why the watch is worth the investment. 

The watches are so popular a close friend of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy,  Jacques Seguela manged to spark outrage in France by claiming anyone who doesn’t own a Rolex watch by the age of 50 is ‘a failure’. Here I have to disagree as materialism isn’t the purpose of life, but I for sure know this kind of mind set is very popular with mass society. 

You won’t believe it but all the finishing touches are done by hand on ALL the Rolex Watches.

So what to do when you want to own a Rolex? I sure would love to own a Rolex daytona two tone  ( I don’t mind which one, i’m not picky with rolex)  but sadly I will have to save quite some money before even being able to buy a second hand Rolex. But this doesn’t stop me from appreciating all the  great craftsmanship and decades of history behind the Rolex products with and this doesn’t prevent me form dreaming that I will one day find myself to be the proud owner of a Rolex Watch. 

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