I love when brands team up and especially if this has cool and durable end product. These two things are definitely true about the collaboration between Carhartt Work In Progress and Dutch future friendly accessory brand Ikku. The brands teamed up once again, making it the second time so far, to create a 4 item mini collection of sleeves for mobile devices. 

Fun fact: Ikku is the first Dutch brand to collaborate with Carhartt WIP. 

The sleeve collection is made from a deep black organic cotton canvas -derived from cotton crops without harmful toxins which guarantees an environmentally friendly quality of exceptional durability thanks to fibers that are not weakened by chemicals- and finished with subtle ribcord on the sides. 
The result is a clean looking, environment friendly collection with an exciting inside in each sleeve as all the sleeves are equipped with a clashing “Sierra” cactus print which  adds a pop of color to the inside of the sleeves.

This continuation of the partnership between Ikku and Carhartt Work In Progress I would call an exiting example of brand working together and ending up with an environment friendly and clean looking collection with an surprisingly colorful inside in each sleeve.

The 4-piece collection consists of sleeves for MacBook 13’’, 15’’, iPad and iPad mini and is now available at selected international retailers.
For more information about this collab and to buy the collection online:
www.ikkuonline.com and www.shop.carhartt-wip.com