On Friday, January 30th, 2015, the first and last edition of All Under One Roof will be held in Studio / K in Amsterdam. All Under One Roof is the result of Concept56. Concept 56 is a project initiated by Jägermeister with five creative young people brought together to organize an event. For the concept the young creatives have chosen to highlight three artists. One of the Artits with their own room at the All Under One Roof is Remixer, DJ and producer Michael Mayer. In the video underneath he presents himself and talks about the first time he fell in love with music.

Next to Micheal, Co founder of Red Light Radio Orpheu the Wizard and visual artist Heleen Blanken will each have their own private room at the event to showcase their talents and entertain the crowds. They each will fill the entire evening with their own expertise.  Heleen Blanken has invited  DJs Sandrien and Inigo Kennedy to strengthen her performance in her room, the DJ’s will base their choice of music on the story of Helen and her visuals. The organization wants to retain the feel of a club night, but move the focus more to the artist.

As it isn’t possible to buy tickets for the event, your only option to obtain a spot at this much promising event is by sign up via the ALL UNDER ONE ROOF  website here: www.allunderoneroof.nl