When I
think of sport I think of speed and endurance, muscle ache and last but not
least, sports wear. My favorite part of sports. Even though wearing sportswear
will be the sportiest thing I will ever do and I think sports and I will never
be best friends. I did find similarities between sportswear fanatics and
myself. Time. Both of us are always in a rush, with too many things on our
minds. I don’t want to say it’s always like this, but once in a while we all
experience hectic periods. For me, especially when starting new projects in the
new year, the time to spend shopping is limited. So what to do when you need to
buy a new sports look, or any look for that matter?

 I know no one wants to waste their precious time wondering through the shopping streets to end up empty handed. So why not shop online? Let me share a shopping tip with you guys. When shopping in a hurry and online, I try to use fashion search engines. Today’s sporty outfit was shopped using Dutch fashion search engine kleding.nl. What I like about this way of working is that you can search for items through not only one web shop, but several once at the same time. I for example could search to several web shops at the same time to find a Short that matched my white hoodie.  The second reason why it’s so handy is because you can also see the difference in prices between the different web shops. That way you know you are not paying too much. For this look I wanted to go for an overall white look with black details. After some nice suggestions the fashion search engine gave me, I ended up buying a Long Short and Grey Sweater from Zalando. What are your tips for a fast and easy shopping experience? Wearing: So Jeans White Sweater | Topman Light Grey Sweater via Zalando | Urban Classics White Long Shorts via Zalando | Nike Performance Black Legging | Adidas White and Grey Sport Socks | New Balance Bordeaux MD Trainers