It’s hard to find
outstanding stores in todays retail environment, especially denim. That’s why I
was pleasant surprised when on Wednesday, March 4th The Bakery officially
opened its doors in Reusel.
The new denim
store-cum-meeting place is housed in a former bakery and traditional atmosphere
that was fully preserved. Making it one of the most exciting denim stores I
have ever seen. I think real denim freaks who like shopping, but truly love the
authentic denim feel will feel indulged in denim when entering The Bakery. 

When entering the authentic bakery, I was welcomed by the sweet smell of cookies and the even friendlier faces of the personnel working in the store.
From the oven, the workshop, the sales desk: everything breathes the pure authenticity of craftsmanship, hard work and mystical past. The Bakery offers an inspiring concept beyond fashion, with its link to food and lifestyle, it aspires to be the meeting place where people can share experiences,  while enjoying a freshly baked cookie or the store’s square “signature bread ‘ carrying the shops name.
The collection sold in the store consists of denim and other related products of high quality, selling clothes from brands such as Denham, Red Wing, Clarks, Nudie Jeans, Deus, Kings of Indigo, Indigo People, Edwin, Pig & Hen mixed with the more commercial brands such as Deus, Diesel, Replay, Scotch&Soda , Drykorn, Minimum and Herschel.

A visit to The Bakery is definitely worth the travel to the south of Holland, where you will not only be presented with a good mix between affordable denim and the more premium denim products, but where above all, a very helpful team of ‘bakers’ are ready to give you an extraordinary Denim store experience. 

Bakkerstraat 6, Reusel or visit