Photo by Mohamed Dahman 
Wearing: COS white shirt [Shop similar here] | TOPMAN Black Leather Bag [Shop similar here] | WEEKDAY Black Trousers [Shop simiral here]
Let’s talk essentials. Lately I have been obsessed with my new black bag from Topman. The easiness and practicality which comes with it have really opened my eyes on practicality in my every day attire. I learned that there is actually no need to wear unpractical items all the time. When your running around most of the time like I have to do, a couple of functional basics will just do the trick. I am not stepping away from my beliefs that we should all dress to impress, but sometimes a simple white on black look will impress people more than a shouting statement look. Where it basically comes down to is the fact that you should think about the occasion your dressing for and use functional items to impress. It will make your fashionable life much easier.