Normally I am not that keen on sharing complete lookbooks on my blog, but for NOMBRE DE IDENTIFICATION, an Ukrainian avant-garde clothing brand with a sustainable heart, I had to change it up a little. The principal idea of the brand is the usage of unusual, previously used materials, which I think makes it a strong and relevant brand to keep an eye on.

The brand does not only innovate by the materials they use, they also search for new kinds of textile processing, unique ideas in designs, like the combination of backpack and jacket in one item etc.
As they explain; NOMBRE DE IDENTIFICATION is the brand of unusual but smart clothes of the sophisticated designs, clothes wearing you feel special.
The top feature of the first collection of the brand, called “OUT OF SEASON 15”, is the conceptual material which is based on 100% cotton undergoing several stages of treatment and painting, eventually covered with the protective layer of liquid rubber.
The collection includes: jacket of a complex cut with unusual details and the backpack fastened by a zipper to the back of it; jacket with a zipper along the spine, which splits it into two parts; jacket with kind of a pocket-backpack (pocked-slash-backpack) made of intersecting black gums on the back; knitted t-shirt with zippers splitting them into two parts; saggy bodies; bag in the form of familiar to everyone grocery package; sweatshirt designed in such a way that lets you change the inscription on it as you wish containing the alphabet in a set with it. Special attention should be given to the idea of the label, which is basically them square piece of the Velcro material covered by the leather labels of the brand.

The first collection is presented in my favorite two colors – white and black.
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