It is time to talk music again. A while ago I as
approached by the lovely people at SONY to review two of their high-res (the
best quality in the market) technology equipment. The SONY WALKMAN and MDR – 1A
Head phone. Yes I included a litte video of me acting akward on camera. 
My first impression:
The first impression I had of the two devices was the nice black textured housing they both had. After that I noticed the metallic red accents on the headphone which adds a pop of color to the all-black headphone. The audio jack had a nice vintage gold color accent and  furthermore the headphone has a nice speckled finish on the ear cups which is a refreshing  texture on the headphone. All these elements make this a visually attractive headphone, which usually is not the case with other headphones. 
In The Box you will find:
–          The Product Manual
–          Operating Instructions
–          Headphone cable
–          Smartphone control cable
–          Carrying Pouch
 The sound
First things first. The bass and stereo in this headset is one of the best features of this headset. The sound quality of the headphone like the slogan already predicts, one of the best  in the market .  The base especially feels pleasant when listening to the headphone.  I especially love to listen to songs with a lot of base in them and all of my favorite songs sounded perfect trough the headphone.  The sound range in this headset is very broad, without feeling to pitchy. It in stead let’s songs sound smooth. The only downfall is that the isolation of the headphone is not the best available, probably because of the plastic material which feels somewhat thin on the ear cups, which lets sound slip through. So I recommend to not blast your guilty pleasure songs in public transport if want to keep them on a down low.  

 The headphone is  very lightweight and extreme comfortable to wear on the ears and around the neck. The ear pads are one of the softest around and are easy to wear on the ears for a long time period. I listen to a lot of music when editing and writing my blogposts, I use my in ears because I normally find headphones way too heavy for a long time us, but  the feather light design of the MDR – 1A surprised me and had me listening to my favorite songs without wanting to throw away. Therefore  in over all I would recommend the SONY WALKMAN and MDR – 1A Head phone as the perfect combination for travel.
 BONUS! I am including my top 5 SONY WALKMAN  must listen to songs:

Rihanna –  #BBHMMWearing: Coat, shirt and trousers from Weekday | Shoes from Monki | Bag borrowed from John