sachashoesthisismdfsdotcomFor people like me, who are a part time  member of the ‘no color club’ with favorite colors such as black, grey, white and some more black, rocking color can be challenging. So why not fuse something you find hard to wear with something more into your comfort zone. Sportswear for example has been my favorite wear for a while now and I must say, it keeps on intriguing me beyond my wildest imagination.  So for this look I decided to try and merge these two elements together by making a sports inspired outfit while also incorporating color into that look.sachashoesthisismdfsdotcom2

When thinking of yet another sporty outfit I thought about fusing elements together I would normally not rock and  which color I could use for that. After debating for a little while I ended up with one of my least worn color all year: Yellow. And what better way to fuse sports and color into my outfit than to fuse bright yellow sneakers into my sporty look.sachashoesthisismdfsdotcom1

When I think about it, yellow has been an unpopular color in clothes since the day the sun hit the earth. It seems that this cheerful, yet challenging color is sadly only appreciated in pastel tones during summer,  but never had it’s moment to shine in other seasons which I think is a  pity when you think about the positive effects the color has on one’s mood.sachashoesthisismdfsdotcom3Therefore I was more than excited to welcome these Yellow Sacha 1909 Fusion sneakers into my humble shoe wardrobe. These bad sneakers, originally made for woman but also very suitable for men, these sneakers definitely promote the color yellow! What are your thoughts on yellow?

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Wearing: Karl Lagerfeld Scarf | WEEKDAY Shirt and Sweater | Zara legging | Sacha 1909 Yellow THE FUSION Sneakers