by Louise Kluit

Cos has released their look book for the autumn and winter as well as some pieces that will be available in stores this September! The signature minimalistic style the Swedish brand always shows is represented in this slick new collection. The dark pallet is one that is never wrong for winter. I don’t know about you, but I know where I will be shopping in September! Check out the photo’s and judge yourselves!COS_AW15_Mens_Look_1 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_2 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_3 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_4 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_5 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_6 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_7 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_8 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_9 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_10 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_12 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_13 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_14 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_15 COS_AW15_Mens_Look_16 COS_AW15_MensAcc_01

COS_AW15_MensAcc_02 COS_AW15_MensAcc_03