First of all I need to start off by saying I was very charmed by the originality of the concept of the Foot Cardigan Socks. So what is the concept you might ask yourself right now, let me try to briefly explain the concept to you.

Foot cardigan offers a subscription sock service that promises to rock your feets. For $9 a month, Foot Cardigan sends a new pair of delightfully unique socks straight to your door and they do this on a monthly basis.  It’s a simple yet refreshing concept which immediately draw my attention and made me curious to review these socks for you guys.

The funny and one of a kind sock designs is what gives these socks it lovable character. The designs range from super hero inspired prints to abstract peacock motives, like the ones I received, to minimal graphic designs which promises an instant conversation starter located just below your knees every month.





The second thing which made me sold on these socks was the surprise factor of the socks. Who doesn’t love a little surprise in the mailbox and by selecting socks for you every month, you will be surprised each and every time these lovely socks are delivered to your home.

The delivery, while we’re at it also I fairly quick. It took less than 3 days to get my socks delivered from the US where it usually takes more than 7 working days with other shipments from the US.

This all sounds so very overwhelming positive, aren’t there any cons? No product is perfect and even the amazing foot cardigan socks have some things that didn’t swipe me off my socks. The first and the main issue I had with the socks, was the quality compared with the price. I expected a little bit more quality in the socks. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is okay but I would have loved to see foot cardigan take their socks quality to the next level which would sky rocket the socks to a staggering 5 stars review rating.

Close up look at the Footcardigan socks


To conclude I want to point out how simple it is to order the socks. This and the excitement of receiving an extra special gift on a monthly basis, makes me recommend the socks as a fun gift idea for your loved one or as an extra special gift for yourself.

In overall I give the monthly delivery service of the foot cardigan socks 4 out of 5 stars.

More information about the footcardigan socks can be found here:

REVIEW | Foot Cardigan
Quick deliveryOriginal ConceptFun DesignsGood Fit
No model selection possibilitiesThe Quality of the socks compared to the price
4.1A fun and exciting service!