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We all know those hectic periods in life we have no time to shop or we are  just too uninspired to do so. For this weeks review I am reviewing, an online styling service that promises to take all your shopping sorrows out of your hands. The solution for Men who hate shopping, but want to look fashionable.


Your Personal Style expert

So let’s start with what the service is. Outfittery first of all is a German curated shopping service for men. The site isn’t your average online webshop. Actually, you can’t even see the products they sell with their online service. That’s what really excited me. It truly is a surprise what you will receive.

So first the site needs some information from you to share with your personal stylist who will be selecting the items for you. This you do by answering some simple questions about your preferred colors, clothing styles, and what you would never wear, through a very short but clear questionnaire.

At the end you also have the possibility to upload some photos of yourself to give your personal Stylist even some more information about your style.


Call from your personal stylist

The second phase is the phone call with your stylist. After all the  information you provided them with on the website, you will get a call from your personal stylist. In my case I had the lovely Helene, who I told about my style and the items I wished to receive. She afterwards confirmed the sizes with me, to make sure everything would fit perfectly. At the end of the phone call, she selected 2 outfits of which she thought would be fitting my needs and she had those send to me in the very fancy looking outfittery box. Normally you should get your box within 10 working days, so keep that in mind when ordering the box.

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In the box

The first thing you see when you receive in the box is this very fancy looking white box, just waiting there to be opened. Inside the box you find a list of all the products shipped and a personal note from your stylist and ofcourse the long anticipated box. You also find some information on how to return the unwanted items alongside some discound vouchers for your next purchase.


The outfits

Let’s start start off by saying that I know I am not a very easy customer to please. I am fortunate enough to know my style and very well know what I do and do not like. So when I sat down to fill in the questions, I explicitly mentioned to want to call with my stylist to get on the same level concerning my style and the Items I like and did not like. In this phone call I mentioned my minimal aesthetic, but that I would be open to try out a touch of color and a Jeans as I don’t have a good pair at the moment. I wanted a tapered fit leg and a nice summer color.
Upon receiving the first box, I was kind of overwhelmed by the items as one half had some items I liked but most of them I did not like at all. Therefore I just sent back the entire box and called again to have Helene send me new outfits. This time I wanted her to stay away from experimental colors, as this would be too difficult to find for me through the phone.

review outfittery online styling service on thisismdfs (11)Upon opening the second box, I felt more excitement as this box felt more suitable for my wardrobe. Unfortunately the box felt limited in style items. The two boxes felt very preppy and I lacked cool sneakers as I am someone who loves to rock smart with a touch of sneakers.

There were of course items I liked more than others in the box but the great thing is that you can fit everything in the comfort of your home and within the generous time frame of 14 days.

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You just keep the items you like, the ones that are the wrong size, or not to your liking, you just simply send back to them, free of cost. In the end I shot my favorite items from the box in the outfit below.

outfittery outfit the best by christian mpamo

I was absolutely in love with this grid print double breasted Selected Blazer and the Selected blue shirt.


The concept and idea of the Outfittery sercive is one that we seriously miss in the only shopping environment. The service is innovative and exciting to use. Unfortunately I have the feeling the service needs to develop a little bit better to be the huge success I think it could become. I missed styling options and the customer service from time to time lacked to optimal perform. I was also surprised by the 150,- euros deposit which was not mentioned clearly on the website, but pretty important to communicate to people when wanting to receive the box. The style choices are limited, but I think will be perfect for most average men. The products are of a good quality and don’t feel cheap at all.

At the end I have to conclude that for now this service is perfect for those busy men above 25 on the go, who want to look stylish but don’t have the time to shop on their own. With some improvements this service could be the solution for every men who hates to go shopping buy want a good wardrobe staple.

More information about the service and to try it out yourself visit the outfittery site here. 

REVIEW | Your Personal Style expert
Easy to useFree of cost shipping and return shipmentGenerous 14 days to try out the goodsThe personal touch the service gives to its customers
Limited Styling rangeThe customer service could be improvedThe 150 euros deposit should be mentioned more clearly
3.3The solution for the modern men, yet the service itself needs a bit of improving