avatars-000025286374-wumsr5-t500x500Allow me to introduce: Lion Kojo (Lie-Jon Koe-Djo). Not just your average DJ, producer, model and next generation up-and-coming artist. Lion Kojo started his producing career as a hobby at a very young age. Just like any other teenager in the early two-thousands, Lion Kojo used FruityLoops as a tool to explore his interest in producing. During his younger years artists varying from Mighty Diamonds, Habib Kote, Madlib to MF Doom, Sade, and Hudson Mohawke inspired him musically. Producing as a young kid with big dreams and carefully listening to the great artists listed above planted the seeds for his future career in music.

Since then, Lion Kojo has made major steps in his career, focussing mainly on producing music, DJ’ing and working for one of the World’s biggest urban brands based in Amsterdam (can you guess which one?). Being diverse, surprising and original in his (musical) career is his main focus. However, Lion Kojo’s goals extend to more than just music. Lion Kojo aspires to be a major influencer in music, events as well as fashion.

Right now the odds big are that you know him from numerous events (BBQ, Amsterdam Dance Event and 10 years Patta), or as “that dude that always plays the greatest tunes for me to get freaky to” in Amsterdam’s most popular nightclubs. Definitely keep an eye out for Lion Kojo, for this is just the beginning.

Find him on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lionkojo