Persuitnodiging- sneak preview - virtuele wandeling onder Amsterdam door Noord-Zuidlijn-tunnels (1)Tech innovator Samsung has teamed up with the builders of the Amsterdam Noord/Zuidlijn to give people an virtual reality experience under the City of Amsterdam. It is as close as you will ever get to being 30 feet under the ground.

This Saturday, the 13th of June, at the Open Day of the Noord/Zuidlijn,  Samsung Netherlands is taking visitors onto a virtual walk in the stations and tunnels of the North / South line which will connect the North of Amsterdam With the South of Amsterdam.Persuitnodiging- sneak preview - virtuele wandeling onder Amsterdam door Noord-Zuidlijn-tunnelsFor this they will use their a Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, an innovative headset allowing the visitors to find themselves in a 360 degree environment. The technology will in virtual reality take you from Central Station to the pipe in 5 minutes. Quite exciting huh!

Want to take this high tech tour ? Well you have to be quick as the number of places is limited. Visitors can register in advance on