There is nothing as hard to find as the perfect Tee. We all stood there in the store one and just wished that the shirt we were holding had just that little alteration that made it perfect.

Luckily I had the pleasure to review the service of Son Of A Tailor. What they do? Well it’s all in the name.  The website of Son Of A Tailor, let’s you customize your future favorite tee.  They create tailor made (made to measure) hand cut t-shirts, one t-shirt at a time.

Son of a Tailor believes in the principles of expert craftsmanship, simple Danish design, and sustainable production methods.

How it works? There are basically three steps you have to take to get closer to your desired fitted t-Shirt. So before your shirt is delivered to your doorsteps there are actually three steps you have taken.

REVIEW | SON OF A TAILOR - MDFSImage from Afterdrk

1: First you need to measure yourself. Knowledge is power. For this the company sends you a nice measuring kit with a measure tape and a measure guide so you exactly know how to get the correct data on your body.

2: Second step on the way- this is where the fun part starts-  is choosing the desired shirt. Choose the fit, neckline and color you desire. In my case I went for a looser fit as I feel more comfortable with that. Secondly I went for a round  crew neck, as that is a fit I feel fits my body type best.  Thirdly I had choose my color and I went for a dark Navy Blue. I felt like I have already enough black and white shirts and I wanted to have the perfect blue shirt.

REVIEW | SON OF A TAILOR - MDFSImage from Afterdrk 

REVIEW | SON OF A TAILOR - MDFS3: The third and last step is to fill in all the measurements  and click order. . You can either take your current favorite t-shirt and measure it or measure the different parts of your body that are needed to create this ‘perfect’ t-shirt. For me I wanted to see if they actually made the shirt as you desired. So with my measurements I added some extra centimeters around my neck, to get a wider neck line and I made the length longer than you would normally. Oh and did I mention you can have your initials on the shirt like I had on mine? Pretty cool huh?  That way no one can get it twisted on who’s perfect shirt it is.

In the end I received my Tee within 10 working days, pretty fast actually for a customizes shirt, and I was ready to wear my customized tee with pride.REVIEW | SON OF A TAILOR - MDFS


I found that the service is such a good solution for this over consuming time period.  With the service of Son Of A Tailor you finally have the chance to create the ‘perfect’ tees, without having to go through a dozen mediocre ones before arriving at that acceptable one. They allow you to go for ‘perfect’. I am very happy with mine and would definitely reorder one from their website:

Good Quality productsEasy to use ServiceClear conceptSustainable Alternative
Lack color options
4.8The perfect customization service for classic T-Shirt