JORD WOOD WATCHES REVIEW 4Time for another review. This time I was approached by JORD to review their wooden watches. I chose to review their Fieldcrest in the colors Zebrawood & Maple. Why a wooden watch you may ask but let me explain.

For me, fall winter 2015 is the perfect timing to go natural. With my favorite designer of the moment (Rick Owens) going back to the nudes and the natural in his Fall Winter 2015 collection and even going as far as showing some full frontal designs, all in the name of going back to nature ofcourse, my mind was set. This fall is the perfect moment to search for those pieces that bring us closer to nature and male nudity is the perfect reference point to use when reviewing a wooden watch. Why did you even ask? Maybe it’s just an excuse, but let’s not think of unpleasant things right now.jord wood watchThe Fieldcrest I received came in a square case, of course also made from wood. I do believe most of their models come in this packaging. The  price of the classic midsize Fieldcrest model is $120, and on their site, Jord has four colors available:  Maple, Natural Green,  Black and  Zebrawood & Maple, which I am reviewing.JORD WOOD WATCHES REVIEWWhy the color Zebrawood and Maple you might ask, but what is more natural than combining the best of woods together?  Besides, I love how the colors of the watch blend perfectly into my skin. Outfit wise, this might not be the best color to combine with, for that I would advice you to get a the Fieldcrest in black, that one will go with most outfits, but in my opinion the Zebrawood &Maple, just makes more of an impact and feels more ‘organic’ compared to the other colors.

JORD WOOD WATCHES REVIEW 3With luxurious furs, a neo-Seventies revival and Bordeaux-based palettes, Winter 2015 is set to be stylish. A British fashion movement that plays with genres and ignores the conventional male uniform has finally found its way to the great Italian and French fashion houses.

To conclude I wanted to show you guys how I would style this watch into a wearable outfit.  I decided to combine my Jord watch with a colorful shirt, some round romantic sunnies and my go to Karl Lagerfeld platforms. All in line with coming Winter 2015 trends. I did skip the furs for now as it is still August and walking around in a fur coat would be just to ‘unnatural’.

What are your thoughts on the watch? Is going natural the thing for you this coming fall?



Wearing: Vintage round Sunnies | WEEKDAY Shirt | WEEKDAY shorts | Karl Lagerfeld Platforms | Tommy Hilfiger Socks | JORD Fieldcrest Wooden Watch

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