to london with tk maxx

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Last month I had the pleasure to go on a little press trip to London to visit some TK MAXX stores there.  Some of you may have seen some bits here an there on Instagram @thisismdfs and snapchat @christianMDFS. But now I will share the full travel report with you guys. So after a quick flight from Schiphol airport to London Heathrow, the 2 day adventure was officially started and we were ready to discover the beauty of London and all the nice things it has to offer, such as the TK Maxx Stores.

To give you guys a little glimpse of my stay in London, I made a little short video from you guys. It’s not really vlog since I made it using my snapchat videos I made while staying there.  So definitely make sure to follow me on snapchat @christianMDFS to keep posted on what is going on.
to london with tk maxx 7to london with tk maxx 6After a short Traffic Jam we finally arrived at the beautiful hotel called The Hoxton Hotel. The perfect mix between cool and comfortable and our stay for that night. As the night was young, we went for dinner at restaurant Ape&Bird after a short touch up. After a delicious mean it was time for some cocktails in the hotel lobby. There I noticed how nice it actually was to relax in the lobby, making it to a meeting place for hotel guests and locals.

to london with tk maxx 5The next day, it was time to discover the world of TK Maxx.But what is the concept of TK Maxx? Some would compare the shop to an outlet, but the store is so much more than that. Let me explain.

TK Maxx takes a uniquely flexible approach to procurement of it’s items. Free of planning restrictions and deadlines, TK Maxx buyers can buy as and when they spot fantastic deals. With prices that discount somewhere from 20%- to 60%-. How they ensure these deals? They buy as close to season or need as they dare in order to benefit from the best deals. Buying close to need also allows TK Maxx to be smarter about trends, respond to customer needs and to sell exactly what they want when they want it.

This makes for a truly vibrant product range that reacts very quickly to changes.  Also daily deliveries to stores, ensures customers will always see something new and different every time they visit. But you have to be quick as they don’t have a stock, so what you see is what they have.

The costs are kept as low as possible to give the customers the best price. Therefore their stores are not over designed. So no mannequins, no fancy window displays. Just you and some good deals.

Besides the normal collection, TK Maxx also has a Gold Label. These are the most exclusive brands sold in TK Maxx. Here you will find brands such as: Viktor&Rolf, Moschinno, Celine, Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Joseph,  Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Calvin Klein, Armani and so on.

Sounds exciting huh? The best part is that the gold line will also be present in the two stores that will be opened in the london with tk maxx 3to london with tk maxx 4After visiting TK Maxx Store Covent Garden and Charring Cross and filling our shopping hunger. I scored a lovely Harry Brown Suit and DKNY shirt! (Will post those soon.) It was time to fill our actual hunger and indulge into a delicious 3 course lunch at Les Deux Salons.
After that it was time to head back to the hotel, pack our bags and head to the london with tk maxx 2I had a blast exploring London and the world of TK Maxx and I can’t wait to dive into the two Dutch TK Maxx stores. The one in Eindhoven will open on October 29th  and the one in Rotterdam on November 5th.

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