BB_TTS_1_Final_PRAnother sexy news this week. Bjorn Borg is bringing a classic back; THE TRUE STORY OF BJÖRN BORG. The late 80s there was a group of people who were fed up to wear underwear  which each and every time was of bad quality and had a bad fit. It motivated to develop better  underwear; briefs with the perfect fit, made of the best material and high comfort. Hard work and attention to detail led to the development of the boxer 3201 of Björn Borg. The classic was an unprecedented success in the 90s, making 3201 the standard for all subsequent collections. But as trends changed,  the model got out of style. But now they are bring the old classic back.BB_TTS_2_Pos_Frame_Final_PRTo give you a little understanding. Their Classic Boxer, also known as model 3201, was the first men’s boxer of its kind. The boxer was unique, it was also due to the not previously used method of sewing.

The drop needle technique ‘- used for making corrugated seams on the side – then was completely new. The 3201 was at that time the most expensive underwear on the market and was only available in black or white. Although retailers labeled the boxers as ugly, it is a commercial hit was the perfect fit. During the 90s the sale of 3201 accounted for 70 to 75% of the total sales turnover of the company.

BB_TTS_update_New_Page_08The boxers are made exclusively from Pima Cotton, a high-quality blend of cotton which ensures that the material lasts a long time and absorbs well. Pima Cotton is also known for its softness and beautiful shine. The perfect materials for your private parts.

THE TRUE STORY collection will be available in late October 2015 at select retailers and online in the colors white and black. Price: 34.99 euros. More info: