HUMMEL_TIVOLI_HIGH_NEW_5Today, the 29th of October  hummel launched a new version of the renowned Power Play Pernfors court sneaker. The shoe is the result of collaboration between two of the biggest brands in Denmark: hummel and iconic Tivoli Copenhagen. The result is a new, modern-classic sneaker filled with details that breathe free and lavish lifestyle that carry both brands.

HUMMEL_TIVOLI_HIGH_NEW_10The new Perfors Power Play is a modern expression of two popular 80s tennis styles of hummel. With high quality leather, suede, rubber sole and terry cloth. The new design combines the nearly 100-year history of hummel with the current trend of tennis court like sneakers.

Via the black, charcoal gray and golden details, the sneaker brings the footprint of hummel along with the iconic history of the 172 year old Tivoli Gardens. The sneaker contains details that refer to Tivoli’s architecture and hidden places and visualize the status of the park as a leading entertainment and hidden oasis of joy and enjoyment in Copenhagen.


The sic images for this campaign were shot in the Tivoli Gardens. The graphics consist of famous attractions in the park, twisted and distorted into a modern and lively atmosphere. By presenting the shoes in the area that inspired them, the campaign puts down a new visualization of modern life in Copenhagen.


The common denominator of the two strong Danish brands is that of the Danish-spirited approach to life. The carefree and not restrained way of life is reflected in the modern design that Hummel’s unique interpretation of the sleek Danish design tradition. The Hummel x Tivoli collaboration is the first in a series of launches that features the new Pernfors Power Play sneaker.



Want to get your hands around a pair of these sneakers? You have to be fast. The circulation of the hummel x Tivoli Copenhagen Pernfors sneaker is limited to 172 pairs – one pair for each year the Tivoli Gardens exist. The sneaker will be exclusively available at selected retailers in Europe and Japan, including Sunika in Amsterdam ( and Avenue in Antwerp (