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I have asked myself on numerous occasions why I am so drawn to sneakers. Why do I love them and why do I buy them? On a physical Sunday afternoon I dragged myself into a sports arena and tried to work it out.

When I first asked myself this question I thought, simple, because I like them. But then I began giving more thought into the actual reasons WHY I buy the shoes that I buy and it was much more deeper than just because I like them. I began thinking of all of the shoes that I own, I do own quite some pairs and I kept thinking what it was that really made be buy them.

tommy spread 1The truth is, there’s many reasons why we decide to buy a particular pair of kicks. Some of the reasons include because you love a particular silhouette, or maybe you’re a fan of a certain colorway, or maybe because the shoe has some emotional significance to you. Of course sometimes we make instinct purchases, but even those shoes have a valid reason as to why we bought them. Buying sneakers is not a cheap hobby, so the next time that you’re about to buy a pair of shoes, ask yourself “Why am I buying this pair of shoes?”

tommy spread 3tommy spread 8tommy spread 6For me I noticed that the older one gets, the more and more you focus on buying sneakers that are actually comfortable. Let’s be honest here for a second, Air Jordan retros and platform creepers are beautiful, but they’re not the most comfortable shoes in the world. That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled upon these ECCO Intrinsic sneakers. These shoes not only look the part, they also give me my well-deserved comfort. That must be the biggest reason why I fell in love with sneakers in the first place.
tommy spread 7Wearing: Jacket from Tommy Hilfiger Denim | Vintage Black shirt | T-Shirt from H&M | Trousers from Weekday | Shoes from  Ecco