Camden greyish blue + denim blue

HUB Footwear has revealed it’s footwear line for Spring / Summer 2016 completely inspired by Dutch tennis legends.

HUB Footwear characterizes  themselves by seeing sport as a constant and inexhaustible source of inspiration. The theme of the SS16 collection is tennis, inspired by the story of two Dutch tennis legends from the 20s, Henk Timmer and Kea Bouman. Great champions, Olympians, but also style icons. The SS16 collection has a modern interpretation, which leads HUB Footwear  to bring sports to the streets with it’s designs for their shoes. Stratford woven

The popularity of tennis increased explosively during the “Roaring Twenties”. Not only did the popularity of the sport, even that times  fashion was determined for a large part by tennis. The SS16 collection HUB Footwear grasps inspiration from that era and shows a wide range of styles for men and women. Distinct and recognizable, from black, white and gray silhouettes of the more popular denim and woven fabrics. Subtle reminders of the tennis theme is echoed on the label logo on the tongue and the print on the insole in the shape of a tennis court.Timmer jeansAs a tribute to the former tennis greats, HUB Footwear brings a vulcanized sneaker for men and women derived from a tennis shoe from the ’20s. This shoe carries the name “Smith” (for men) and “Bouman” (for ladies). By using lightweight canvas the look of the sneaker from the 20s is maintained, but with a contemporary character through the use of materials as full grain leather, denim, canvas and knitted fabrics in colors that are ideal for spring / summer ’16 season.Timmer woven dark+ tennis white

What do you guys think of the collection?