therubzbracelet1Today’s mini outfit post is all about going green. A color I usually don’t wear but which I think can look amazing on anyone. For me the reason to go green had a symbolic value as I wanted to kick off some more sustainable looks on my blog. As you might remember I did an interview on dressing green on a while ago. This weekend I had to think back of that interview and thought, why not do an outfit post for you guys wearing only items I already have had in my wardrobe for more than 1 year. Little side note: The only new thing I’m wearing in this post is this The Rubz bracelet. theRubz creates fashion accessories meant to be timeless and original. The right mindset I needed for this post.therubzbraceletaa2But back to the post. It has to be said that buying new, doesn’t necessarily mean buying fashion. I for example bought this vintage blazer over 4 years ago and it still looks new.  It kind of looks like something from the Balmain for H&M collection and as double breasted is making a comeback, is super on trend.  So just a little reminder to recycle more and look on trend with your current wardrobe staple.