BB_SKIN_POS_WS_700x500_Print4Björn Borg is launching a brand new skin underwear collection today (March 21) on International Anti Racism and Discrimination Day.

As the brand correctly recognizes, until now oddly enough the standard nude colors doesn’t reflect the skin tone of  84% of the world. Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg feels that the time is there to change this and this is done through the launch of the new Björn Borg skin collection; a underwear line with a variety of six different skin tones. The skin collection is available in short shorts for him and one hotpants for her and is made of a new micro-fiber material in order to maintain a high breathability and comfortable fit.

Human skin pigmentation has evolved, which is mainly due to the amount of ultraviolet radiation on our skin; a fact that the so-called Fitzpatrick scale skin regulates *. The Fitzpatrick scale is a layout of a typical response of various types of skin to ultraviolet radiation, and includes six major skin color; exactly the same that are offered through the new Björn Borg Skin collection.

“Nude is not a color; it is a concept that everyone should be entitled to. There is a world full of beautiful skin tones and even if we can not offer all of them, we hope that most people are able to find something close to their own skin with this new line, “says Björn Borg Head of Design – James lee

I am very excited to see brands such as Bjorn Borg celebrate diversity and especially today this statement by the brand has a positive impact on the world.

To get your own tone of the Bjorn Borg Skin Underwear Collection visit: