In the fashion world it is has now come to the point in the year where luxury sweatpants, fresh trainers and designer jackets are now coming into trend. It is difficult to understand how the sports luxe has seen a meteoric rise over recent years, but premium designer brands have seen their catwalks dominated with all ‘luxury’ casual styles. We all know that the sports luxe is here to stay so we have created an outfit as inspiration for the hugely popular trend.


frankie-collective-editorial-102-780x520 hoodie fila

Photo: Frankie Collective Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

The Hoods or Sweats

Its difficult to image smart wear being incorporated with hoodies, or sweatshirts, however it is a major addition to the trend. Hoodies were initially used as part of as whole package, or as a men’s tracksuit, however recent years has seen just the hoodie being utilised. It is a classic style that seamlessly fit with one another. Brands such as Good For Nothing, Carhartt and FILA are known to offer a luxury hoodie.


River Island Tailoring Spring/Summer 2016 Advertising Campaign

The Tailored Jacket

The tailored jacket is an example of how the sports luxe trends moves towards to luxury. The blazer was initially known as a “sports jacket” in the past and are a perfect fit for slim, or boot cut luxury joggers. Lanvin is known to have initially set off the “sports jacket” or blazer using a neater fitting, shorter length and sporting fabrics, shifting the blazer from smart wear to sports luxe. It is definitely a versatile item that can be worn in casual settings to fancy events.highsnobiety-playstation-girls-snapchat-ss16-editorial-02-550x800

The Sweatpants or Joggers

As we know, it has now become acceptable to wear sweat pants outdoors and are no longer frowned upon, or associate with the youths of today. Designers quickly latched onto the sports luxe joggers and began creating slimmer fitting styles with technical materials, similar to trousers. Sweatpants have been the foundation on which the sport luxe has evolved, using premium and tapered fabrics in order to produce contemporary, stylish and fitted sportswear.

A Sports Luxe Outfit Idea - EUREKA SHOES LOOKBOOK 2016

Eureka Shoes Look Book SS16


As sports luxe have seen a rise in popularity, so has the fashionable sports trainer. The fashion trainer was once associated with exercise and the unfashionable. However, as premium sports brands such as New Balance have re-emerged taking the market by storm, they have become an essential in the urban, yet stylish dress ranges. While brands at the highest end of the market, such as Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo and Lanvin have taken the sports trainer on board, the sports trainer has now become acceptable to wear in smart occasions.