20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1351As Delikatessen prepares their vegetable garden for winter and cover the fertile soil, they are aware of the power beneath it all, the hidden roots of plants and vegetables, the stubbornness of bulbs and potatoes, the resilience of our Cale and Cavolo Nero to any eastern wind or frost, sharing its treasures with us when the sun remains pale and low while stars and moon reign in the cold dark crispness of the night.20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1230 20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1362

Nature urges us towards our home and fireplace as we too look at our own personal story and roots. Yes, we will live and work from our country essence, from our roots, supplying the best quality we can offer.

20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1111 When Delikatessen goes to the root of it all, knowledge and intuition lead to our proven best shapes, the softest sensual touch of cotton with silk, sophisticated Oxford, with a mélange of threads, giving extra depths of colors to what at first seems like a mono tone. As they chose their virgin wools of the highest quality, aiming for the client to plunge into its honest softness at first touch.

20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1119Delikatessen AW16 Roots Collection brings the promise of Italian essence with virgin yet sturdy fabrics from the archives of Bonotto, boiled wool from a renowned manufacturer and special bouclé effects from Albini. The coloring of roots are mirrored in its shades of grey, look back at Sherlock and go for striped turned up trousers. Delikatessen AW16/17 Roots Collection, a sleigh ride to winter treasures. 20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1125 20160117_ZUZA_DELIKATESSEN_AW17_1209
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Delikatessen is an Amsterdam-based menswear line, founded in 2009 by Andre Lisowski and Stephen Hartog. Delikatessen is focused on well-tailored, but effortless garments, that combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern approach to design.