bnn generation what survey thisismdfs copyLet’s talk about you. Yes you. BNN VARA participates in the biggest youth research in Europe ever and they could use your help. A couple of day ago I was invited to visited the BNN headquarter to discuss these matters amongst other online influencers.

bnn generation what survey thisismdfs 2 copyHow do young adults in Europe in the year 2016 view life? That question is answered in Generation What, the largest survey of young people in Europe ever. In the Netherlands BNN VARA is responsible of conducting the survey, entitled #maarwatvindjij, researching this generation over a time period of one year.

Besides the Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Greece, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Wales are participating in this survey to get a detailed look on what it is like to be a young adult in this day of age.

The 149 questions are for people around the 15- to 34 -year-old and has questions about sex, education , adult , ambitions and prospects, but also fears and expectations.

Of course I also have a sweet giveaway attached to this survey. For everyone that fills in the survey on and   leaves a #generation[your opinion] on instagram @thisismdfs wins 2 guest list places on the BNN Amsterdam Gay Pride boat. The perfect way to celebrate Amsterdam gay pride.


1 – Fill in the survey on

2 – Leave a comment on this instagram picture with your #generation name. Mine for example is #generationtechnology.

3 – Enjoy a lovely trip on the BNN boat during Amsterdam Gay Pride.

I will pick a winner at the end of next week!

Good luck!