13116273_1044621175604227_6941793120927535069_oA little while ago I set out onto a exciting trip with Timberland.  Together with my fellow bloggers and members of the Benelux press we were invited to celebrate the launch of the brands restyled boat shoes.

What better wat to do this than to take the shoes back to where they were invented for; a boat. So packed with some nice drinks and food (the boat trip to the restaurant was about one hour) we set sail to the iconic Vuurtoren Eiland Restaurant.  What makes this Restaurant so iconic is the beautiful nature it is surrounded by. It’s located on the only Island with a lighthouse in Amsterdam and it’s also a nature reserve. All the food served is found locally and 0 waste is left on the Island after every dinner service.

Curious to see what this all looks like? Timberland made a really nice after movie of that day which you can check out below.


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13123219_1044621855604159_126390682797456228_oThe classic boat shoe is a style that will never perish. The iconic boat shoe from Timberland model was introduced in 1979 and served as a shoe for the deck and for city life. This model offers the possibility to give different styles to an outfit, think of a preppy, chic and sporty look. This season the model is revived into new models with classic and modern colors.

13123334_1044621885604156_1252105193669204862_oFor SS16 Timberland has designed their boat shoe with premium leather and soft suede in modern bright colors for both men and women. Colors like green, light blue, yellow and orange definitely make the shoes an eye-catcher. Suitable for long summer days and in our case, evening nights adventure.

For more information: www.timberland.nl