218687-HP Spectre 13 W Amsterdam press launch-fb13c4-original-1469087698

When asked a couple of weeks ago, to attend the launch of ‘world’s thinnest laptop’ in the W hotel I was quite skeptical. I have to be honest here and admit it wouldn’t be the first time a company made big claims which were not entirely true.  Also the idea of ‘wasting’ to attend an entire day on a laptop that would only be 1mm smaller than a mac book air was not a satisfying one. I mean it’s never wasted energy to go to press events and have the first look, but let’s face it, I love to live an efficient life.218712-HP Spectre 13 W Amsterdam press launch (2)-a89b00-original-1469088723

So after a couple of clicks on the interwebs, I quickly found some visuals of the new laptop and I have to admit, I liked what I saw. The paper-thin notebook from HP is inspired by a jewel which is seen back in the overall design. The laptop is decorated in a black and copper finish which screams DESIGN.  Still hesitant that the spectre 13 would be a ‘clickbait’ like version of the mac book air, there was no other choice than seeing the laptop for myself.218699-FLB_20160714_MG_9694-147a87-original-1469088257


“In fashion, it is important to stand out, to have its own signature. The HP Spectre 13 has a luxurious design and fits perfectly into the fashion of the moment, “says May-Britt Mobach of Amayzine.com.

According to Mobach copper is the new black, the warm color is part of the design of the new HP Spectre 13. Harald Vrinssen, Category Manager PPS Consumer Notebooks at HP, agrees that in addition to the best hardware, especially trends in material and color play an important role in the design of new hp notebooks.  218692-FLB_20160714_MG_9671-c5e8ac-original-1469087880

204276-Spectre lifestyle-20f695-original-1460714384For an optimal experience of movies and music, the notebook is equipped with a full HD screen and Bang & Olufsen speakers.

I’m quite excited about the new macbook air rival, but I can’t wait to test one out for you guys. In the mean time I will leave you with a short impression video of the Spectre to get a taste for yourself.

More info on the spectre can be found here: hp.com